Mettawa Open Lands Association

MOLA is a community organization which strives to maintain the rural use of land in and around Mettawa,  a small village in Lake County, Illinois. We encourage the protection of our area’s beautiful public and private open lands. Our efforts include social and educational events, community workdays, and collaborations with the Village of Mettawa, local businesses, and other conservation organizations.

As a non-profit group, we welcome everyone! Please join us or donate today.

Openlands announces cost-sharing grant for buckthorn clearing to Mettawa residents!

On Oct 21, 2020, Openlands announced it is taking applications from residents who want to hire qualified contractors to remove buckthorn, honeysuckle and other invasive shrub and tree species. Per the terms of a U.S. Forest Service grant, Openlands will reimburse 50% of approved costs, up to $3,000.

Click here to apply or get more information (or check your mail).

MOLA will help you SAVE THE OAKS.

CONTACT US TODAY! We will help you preserve your valuable Oak trees and extend their life by saving them from invasive threats. Visit this page to learn more.

Workdays + Social Events + Education

Get to know your neighbors, and enhance your understanding of our environment too. MOLA’s fun get-togethers are specifically designed for Mettawa residents and friends.

2019 Spring Prairie Seed Planting

Saturday morning, April 27, 2019, Whippoorwill Farm. We are grateful for special donations from Drew Johnson, Pam Sheldon and Integrated Lakes Management.  We thank all attendees for their efforts, and Mother Nature too for delaying the last snowfall of winter until after we finished.

2018 Spring Social: Save Our Oaks

Sunday, April 8, 2018, Knauz Auto Museum, Lake Bluff, Illinois
Featured speaker: Lydia Scott of Morton Arboretum!

Other Past Events

MOLA Fall Social

A wine and cheese party held at Deerpath Farm featured a interesting discussion of the endangered blue spotted salamander by naturalist and landscape designer Cliff Miller.

2014 Fall Festival of Oaks
MOLA Fall Festival of Oaks

Another wine and cheese party featured a brief presentation  by Andrea Dierich of The Morton Arboretum on the invasive Emerald Ash Borer and its impact.

About MOLA Workdays

Invasive teasel

Community volunteer workdays are a part of MOLA’s ongoing efforts to help protect the biological integrity and natural beauty of Mettawa’s open spaces.

Thank you to the volunteers who join us to help spread native seeds and fight invasive plants, such as buckthorn and teasel (left).


Conservation Award

Winner of the 2010 Conservation and Native Landscaping Award

The prestigious Conservation and Landscaping Award  from Chicago Wilderness and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency was awarded to MOLA and our partners in 2010 for a groundbreaking research project on invasive buckthorn at Whippoorwill Farm.

Encouraging Quality Open Space